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Standard Class

Premium Class

Business Van

Bucharest Transfers only in Bucharest

€ 13.90 / TransferTransfers only in Bucharest

€ 27.90 / TransferTransfers only in Bucharest

€ 26.90 / TransferTransfers only in Bucharest

Transfers Airport Bucharest >> Otopeni Airport

€ 16.90 / TransferBucharest >> Otopeni Airport

€ 30.90 / TransferBucharest >> Otopeni Airport

€ 36.90 / TransferBucharest >> Otopeni Airport

Interurban Transfers Romania Transfers

€ 0.29 / Km.Interurban Transfers

€ 0.48 / Km.Interurban Transfers

€ 0.42 / Km.Interurban Transfers

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VIP Services and Overpaid Services:

Business Services (VIP)


Free baby seat on request;
One stop for a maximum of 5 free minutes;
Door to Door Service (led luggage passenger to the door of the hotel room);
Free transfer of pet animals, accepted according to the airlines policies of Europe. “The Smarter Way to Arrive!”

High quality Paid Services


Tablet on board;
Transfer of documents;
Professional photographer;
Rental of cars without driver;
Protocol (water, juice, coffee);
Taking flowers and various objects; “The Smarter Way to Arrive!”

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Corporate Services


Airport Transfers


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Parties / Weddings


Merchandise Services


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From 13.90€

Standard Class

3 passengers
3 suitcases
free WIFI onboard
From 26.90€

Premium Class

3 passengers
3 suitcases
free WIFI onboard
From 24.90€

Business Van

8 passengers
X 8 suitcases
free WIFI onboard
From 65€

Merchandise Truck

1 Passenger
~3 Tones

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